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Apartments rent in Odaiba/ Toyosu/ Kachidoki

Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo, Japan,
featuring many hypermodern and just plain strange buildings memorably described as the result of an acid-soaked pre-schooler's architecture class.
Administratively a part of the Minato, Koto and Shinagawa districts, the area is now a very popular shopping and entertainment destination.
The Odaiba name is commonly used to refer to the entire Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Center which includes the Ariake and Aomi districts
of Kōtō Ward and the Higashi-Yashio district of Shinagawa Ward.
Kachidoki Heights

Kachidoki Heights

  • 5-13-2 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Kachidoki Heights Current Vacancies
Kachidoki YS Residence

Kachidoki YS Residence

  • 6-1-15 Kachidoki ,Chuo-ku ,Tokyo
Kachidoki YS Residence Current Vacancies

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